Monday, May 17, 2010

Sigma 18-250mm Super Zoom Lens

"Holy Super-Zoom, Batman, What a Lens!"

Photographers and evaluation websites are proclaiming the virtues of the Sigma 18-250mm OS superzoom lens. Not to be misleading, the Sigma superzoom lens does not top every report. The reason for that is because many photographers have preconceived notions about certain products, and they all have their favorite manufacturers.

The Sigma 18-250mm lens is winning more photo enthusiasts over each day.

When checking the photo forums, this comment came up from a new owner.
"This lens has exceeded my personal expectations. I realize it will have its limits, but it's purpose is to be a nice one lens solution for those days I don't feel like lugging around a lot of equipment and swapping lenses.

After my walk today it may be on my camera more than I originally thought."
This is exactly my experience. I bought the Sigma 18-250mm lens on a whim. I have never purchased anything with the intent of returning it before, but that is exactly what I did with the Sigma lens.

When I got it and attached it to my Canon 30D, snapped a few shots.. shot a few more. Within an hour, I was convinced that I would not be sending the lens back.

And now that it has been a couple of months, I must tell you that the Sigma 18-250mm lens has rarely left my camera.

It does take very good quality images.
The zoom range is awesome! I have used it to shoot birds outside my kitchen window with fantastic results.
I can almost use it as a macro lens, too. With the lens zoomed out to 250mm, photos can be focused at a little over a foot away, so the magnification is pretty darn good.

OK, so back to the reviews - most Sigma 18-250mm OS reviews now have wonderful things to say about this superzoom device now that it has been out for a few months.

If you are looking for a lens that will do the job of several lenses, the Sigma 18-250mm is worthy of more than a passing glance.

There are actually 5 rather compelling factors to make such a purchase.

  1. Cost - The first reason speaks to the wallet. The glass you position in front of your camera's image sensor is not cheap. And if you are on a budget, it just makes sense to get as much value for your money as possible. The Sigma 18-250mm OS lens qualifies as even more than one lens. It actually covers the spectrum of 2 or 3 lenses with exceptional top quality lens. Yes, you may possibly purchase less expensive, but when quality is taken into consideration, the most inexpensive lenses are not always the most economical in terms of trying to keep them for the long haul. Typically, if you invest the least amount of money for your camera lens, you end up not being pleased with the acquisition and replacing it very quickly. So, pay several dollars extra and get something that will keep working for a long time.
  2. Made for Comfort - When you don't have to transport that clunky camera carrier all over with you with an aching back or shoulder, you will probably be truly thankful for your new digital SLR lens. This is particularly true when you are on holiday or on a hiking trail. The camera bag is quite awkward, heavy, and bulky. Hoping to locate an suitable place for it is also an irritation at times. You certainly don't want to leave your priceless equipment unwatched while you are a block away snapping an image.
  3. Perfect Range - Constantly have the perfect focal length available. This is specially true if you are not carrying your equipment carrier with you. You'll find it also true if you are not quite sure whether you would like the super zoom or the wide angle focal range. You can take both photos by simply a twist of the barrel.
  4. No Waiting! When the shot is available, just focus and shoot. No more mad rush to change to the proper focal length while your chance walks away, flies away, or fades away. Your Sigma 18-250mm super zoom lens will cover a wide range of focal lengths so you don't have to stop and switch glass and perhaps give up a wonderful shot. You can get the great landscape shot or the long range photo of a wild critter with the same lens.
  5. Compatible with most Digital SLR Cameras  - The Sigma 18-250mm OS super zoom lens was created for entry level DSLR cameras. The manufacturer has done a wonderful job of providing compatibility with the main brands. You get image quality and fantastic focal length in one bundle. When considering functionality and ergonomics, this is a fantastic device. It has very fast autofocus and OS (optical stabilization). In addition, according to the experts at DPReview, "it is probably on a par with Canon and Nikon's own image stabilized super zooms."

So you can have a solitary walk around, or "all in one" lens for your Digital SLR camera that will do the work of more than one lens, at least as well as the manufacturers' own products and spend less money in the deal.

Is it possible to miss with this deal?

I don't think so. GO SIGMA

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